Bandai Announces End Of Service For ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Online’ Video Game

Bandai made a stunning announcement that they are shutting down the service for their online video game ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Online’ with servers completely being closed.
“Thank you for your continued patronage of ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Online,'” they said on their website. “The official service of “Mobile Suit Gundam Online”, which has been used by more people since the official service started on December 25, 2012, will be terminated on March 30, 2022 (Wednesday).”
“We deeply apologize for the sudden announcement to our customers,” Bandai noted.
“Since the start of the service, we have been conducting events, updates, balance adjustments, etc. so that we can provide better services, but as a result of considering the recent changes in the environment surrounding this service and future development, we decided to end the service,” they continued. “We have been supported by many people for nine years since the service started in December 2012. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the entire operation and development team.”
“From the beginning of the year, as a grand finale, we are preparing a small gift plan and event plan for everyone,” Bandai added. “The operation and development team will work together to develop the service so that you can enjoy the service until the final day. We hope you enjoy ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Online’ until the end, although there are only a few left.”
The Anime News Network explains, “The game has each player assuming the role of a mobile suit pilot in the world of the first Mobile Suit Gundam television anime series. The player can choose between the Earth Federation or Zeon forces and fight alongside friends in various battlefields. Players can eventually command other pilots and encounter famous pilots from the original anime. Each side of a battle can have up to 52 players, for a grand total of 104 players.”
‘Mobile Suit Gundam Online’ launched in December 2012 and allowed players to purchase power-ups with ‘BaNaCoins’ which will be made available for currency in compatible games. strives to be an apolitical, balanced and based pop culture news outlet. However, our contributors are entitled to their individual opinions. Author opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of our video hosts, other site contributors, site editors, affiliates, sponsors or advertisers. This website contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. We disclaim products or services we have received for review purposes, as well as sponsored posts.

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