William Shatner’s ‘Tekwar’ Returns Via Adult Animation

Over 25 years since the last episode of the TV series aired, Tekwar is making a comeback in a medium that can do it justice: mixed-reality animation. Much like with the comic book, the limitless possibilities of animation can overcome the hindrances found in live-action and gives the audience an element of immersion.
According to Deadline, Shatner’s tales from the year 2043 are “being conceptualized as a mixed-reality animated series where viewers will be able to participate with the show in different forms of technology via mobile, tablets or wearable devices.
William Shatner’s Tekwar has taken on many forms. At first, it was a series of books. Then a genuinely ahead-of-its-time comic book and live-action television movies/show. Eventually, Tekwar made its way to the video game market, too. Many of the luxuries and pitfalls of technology seen in the franchise were fantastical in the early ’90s but are now a staple of our reality.
The new series will be produced by Pure Imagination, the studio which has seen a lot of success with the LEGO franchise. The company has a Chief Executive of Fun. His name is Joshua Wexler. Where can I get a job like that?
The gentleman with the interesting job title had this to say about the upcoming task of adapting Tekwar into something new, “The world and story of TekWar transcends traditional linear media and has the potential to be experienced on multiple entertainment platforms, some that exist today and some we’ll have to invent, and we can’t wait to get started.
Many of the episodes are available on YouTube for those who missed out on the show and game. Check them out here:

Remember Tekwar or Tek World? What exciting ways could a show integrate today’s technology into the viewing experience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.
[Source: Deadline]

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