Relive The Early 2000s With Marvel Legends Series 1 Hulk!

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Hasbro is continuing to delve into the origins of the Marvel Legends line by releasing another character from the long-running toylines first series. Hasbro Pulse announced that The Incredible Hulk would be joining Iron Man and Captain America figures next year with retro packaging and comic book backdrop.
Hulk will come with a ground-pounding effect base and two interchangeable heads. He is a bit of a pricy boy, too. Banner’s gamma-fueled rage monster is listed at $43.99. That’s more than twice as much as he cost in the early 2000s.
He can be pre-ordered directly from Hasbro now and has a release date of May 2022.


The Toy Biz Legends figures were hit or miss with faces. The team nailed them a lot of the time, especially when it came to actor likenesses. Then there were the oddities like nearly every female figure in the line. After Hasbro took over the line, there were trade-offs with quality in the overall builds and face sculpts.
Then there’s this Hulk. The original Legends Hulk had only an angry yelling face, but the weirdness was with the eyes. He looked like he was wearing mascara. He was going through a bad breakup or had just gotten home from a very interesting party. Hasbro left out the weird wash with this new release, but the face looks familiar…

Nora Denney?!
Warner Bros.
Yes, Mike Teevee’s mom from the classic Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory! Maybe this is Mrs. Teevee’s alter ego when someone points out that she doesn’t know as much about classical music as she says. Of course, we all know that the tune Wonka plays is NOT Rachmaninoff!
What do you think of the new figures based on the first Legends series? Are the prices of these figures deterring collectors? Let us know in the comments section below.
[Source: Hasbro Pulse]

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