Make The Monotony of Monopoly More Palatable With This Stranger Things Version

A new version of Monopoly comes with a new season of Netflix’s Strange Things. The hit series’ fourth season has been touted as a return to form for the Duffer brothers and cast, but does that translate into an exciting version of the classic real estate board game?
Entertainment Earth is currently taking pre-orders for Stranger Things 4 Monopoly. The set, like any other bearing the name, contains small metal player pieces, paper money, plastic cassettes (instead of houses), and card stock property tokens. The twist with this game is that player must spin a dial which indicates where a portal opens up on the board. Players must then reach that spot to close it while playing by the standard rules of Monopoly. I can see that getting real aggravating, really quick.
ST4: Monopoly will set you back $27.99, and the game will ship out sometime this month.


It’s 1986 and a dark force known as Vecna is opening Gates to the Upside Down in Hawkins and beyond! Inspired by Season 4 of the Netflix series Stranger Things, the Monopoly: Stranger Things Edition board game is a must for fans. Spin the hand on Vecna’s ominous grandfather clock to find out where the Gates are, then race to close them. Players earn money along the way by charging other players rent, and the last player with money when all other players have gone bankrupt wins. But watch out! The game also ends if Vecna opens enough Gates so that every location is in the Upside Down.

The Duffer Brothers’ Strange Things series is no stranger to the board game market or Monopoly. How often can you refresh a game about mortgages, rent, and land ownership before even a Netflix show’s overlay gets boring? I always thought Monopoly was the game you pulled out when you really wanted your house guests to leave.
What do you think of this latest version of the Stranger Things-themed game from Hasbro? How many different versions of Monopoly do you own? Me? I’ve got the Ghostbusters ’84 version and a Star Wars one from the late ’90s. Let us know in the comments section below.
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