Medicom Is Bringing Classic Tom & Jerry Moments Alive In Figure Form

Tom & Jerry deserve better. Attempts have been made over the years to bring the classic cat and mouse duo into modern times. Unfortunately, the results have been pretty disastrous or cringy. Don’t change the formula. Just give us quality animation of a cat squabbling with a mouse and make the gags hilarious.
For those of us living in the past, we can now own physical representations of classic MGM Tom & Jerry gags thanks to Medicom. These figures are part of wave 3 of the Ultra Detail Figure series.
Want a sausage-Jerry? Or Frying Pan Head Tom? Well, they’re coming out in Summer 2022 via the Big Bad Toy Store! Each figure is made from PVC and ranges from $16.99 to $24.99. The small static figures aren’t huge. Many of them are under 2″ tall.

Tom & Jerry cartoon shorts started with MGM. For the first 18 years, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera were in charge of bringing the characters to life. Other notable animation legends had their turn with the feuding animals throughout the decade, including the legendary Chuck Jones.
To be fair, Tom & Jerry are still around today. The difference is the digital age of cartoons loses something when the characters are created with models rather than being hand-drawn frame-by-frame. Then again, these new cartoons are way better than what we got in the early 1990s with Tom & Jerry Kids. Ugh.
The less we say about the ’90s movie and the HBO Max film, the better. The cat and mouse shouldn’t talk, or at least rarely. Giving them 90 minutes of dialog is just wrong. Also, keep them out of the real world. If it isn’t Roger Rabbit’s levels of cleverness and heart, then don’t bother. Trust me.

What do you think of these classic gags represented in a physical form? Let us know in the comments section.
[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]

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