Hi. I’m Troy McClure. You May Remember From Such Toys As…

It’s no secret that the best Simpsons characters are always the ones who make repeat guest appearances. Where would the long-running animated family sitcom be without Dr. Nick, McBain, and, of course, the fish-loving Troy McClure? Homer and Bart are fine, but I can quote more dialog from one of Phil Hartman’s characters than any of the main cast.

You may remember Hartman’s Troy McClure from such educational films as Fuzzy Bunny’s Guide To You-Know-What, Meat And You: Partners In Freedom, and Someone’s In The Kitchen With DNA. The faded celebrity turned pitchman is getting three action figures based on those classic clips, thanks to Super7. Each of Troy’s ReAction figures comes with a second figure from whatever informational film strip he appears in. Not a bad deal for $20 each.

It appears that the figures are available now. The set of three can be picked up for $60. So now, can we get Lionel Hutz figures based on his various jobs or mental states?


When a sensitive topic needs to be addressed, there’s one man to call on, and that’s Troy McClure! This 3.75” scale articulated The Simpsons ReAction Figure of Troy McClure in “Fuzzy Bunny’s Guide to You-Know-What” features your favorite educational video host and also includes Fuzzy Bunny.


This Troy McClure features him decked out in cowboy gear and accompanied by Jimmy.


The Simpsons ReAction Figure of Troy McClure in “Someone’s in the Kitchen with DNA” features McClure wearing his protective hazmat suit and removable helmet, accompanied by Billy.



Speaking of side characters or one-offs, there needs to be a ReAction Hank Scorpio figure. Sure, he’s getting his Ultimates figure sometime next year, but give us something a little more affordable.

Which characters from the Simpsons would you like to see in ReAction Figure form? Let us know below.

[Source: Super7]

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