Take Star Trek’s 24th Century Medicine Home With This Replica Set

Star Trek has the best medical devices in all of sci-fi. The Next Generation showed that we just needed to wave a flashing gizmo over someone’s head to diagnose any number of maladies. So simplistic. So futuristic.
Now, you can take replicas of those fancy devices home, thanks to Factory Entertainment.
Factory Entertainment is producing a limited edition set of Star Trek: TNG medical devices that includes:

  • Hypospray (with interchangeable vials)
  • Hand Scanner
  • Wooden Presentation Case
Factory Entertainment
Factory Entertainment
Factory Entertainment
Factory Entertainment
The devices feature lights and sounds. I’m not sure if the hypospray device had any lights, but we all know the sound it made.

Factory Entertainment’s TNG Medical Set Replica has been copied directly from surviving resources in the CBS archives to ensure accuracy. Our development team also spent many hours analyzing footage to fine-tune the details.
This 1:1 scale set replicates two iconic props used by 24th century physicians in Star Trek: The Next Generation. It consists of a Hypospray (with interchangeable vials) and a Hand Scanner. Both feature electronic light and/or sound effects and are crafted with heavy diecast metal bodies. Each numbered limited edition museum quality replica set comes with a wooden presentation case, cast metal plaque and a certificate of authenticity/prop story booklet and will make a fine addition to any Star Trek collection.
The Hypospray and the Hand Scanner each operate on three LR44 batteries (included).

I hope this means we’ll get a couple of tricorder replicas in the future. If they came with working LCDs, that’d be even cooler! I had the Playmates version of the standard one and the medical one. If you’ve ever seen those things modded with custom screens, you know how awesome they look.
This set will cost $374.99 and is set to come out next Spring. If you pre-order now, you get the set at a discount. If you wait, the price will go up to $399.99.
What other Star Trek replicas would you like to see make it to market? Let us know in the comments.
[Source: Factory Entertainment]

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