You Got Battletoads? These New Premium DNA Toys Look Ribbiting

Premium DNA

The Battletoads resurgence is in full effect. OK, maybe it’s not as impactful as we’d hoped, but at least a series of action figures based on the classic video game designs are on the way from Premium DNA and the Big Bad Toy Store.
Zitz, Rash, Porka Pig, Rat Bones, General Vermin, and General Salguther make the roster of the initial wave of high-end toys. The figures range in price from $44.99 to $149.99. The entire first wave can be purchased as a bundle for $429.99.
Premium DNA has not included all three Battletoads in this wave in a smart move. No Pimple for you! Also, there’s no Dark Queen. I cannot wait to see how her figure looks. We don’t have enough dominatrix action figures these days.

Premium DNA
Premium DNA
Premium DNA
Premium DNA
Premium DNA
Premium DNA
Premium DNA
Here’s what you get with each figure:

  • Zitz figure
    • 2 Head sculpts
    • Giant plow
    • Drill arm
    • Giant spiked fist
  • Rash figure
    • 3 Pairs of hands
    • Giant spiked boot
    • Mace
    • Axe
  • Porka Pig figure
  • Rat Bones figure
    • 3 Shields
  • General Vermin figure
    • 2 Pairs of hands
    • Whip
    • 3 Head sculpts
  • General Slaughter figure
    • 2 Pairs of hands
    • 3 Head sculpts

Battletoads hit the video game scene in 1991, riding the hot tide of anthropomorphic animals with attitude. Created by Rare, the toads made their way onto the NES, SNES, Arcade, and just about every major console on the market during the early ’90s.
Recently the Toads emerged in a new beat-em-up for XBOX and Windows. It is free for Game Pass holders and has a seriously toned-down Dark Queen. Disappointing.
Although the Battletoads did have a lot in common with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they never had a successful life outside the video game market. The trio had an animated TV pilot in 1992, but it was less than impressive. If you want to see something super derivative, check out the animated one-off below:

[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]

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