Sideshow Previews TMNT’s Rocksteady and Marvel’s Ghost Rider Statues

Sideshow Collectibles showed off two new statues at this year’s New York Comic Con. Unfortunately, these offerings come from two totally different spectrums. One is the spirit of vengeance, Ghost Rider. The other is the less than competent minion of The Shredder, Rocksteady.
At this moment, there’s not much information to go on. Hopefully, images and pricing will surface this coming week as reports from the convention pop up. In the meantime, check out the two photos that Sideshow teased online audiences with this weekend.

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The Ghost Rider diorama is blazing! I like that the sculptor went with the bleached white skull. That makes it really stand out from the flames and is an excellent callback to the character’s look in the late 1970s. The bike is cool, but I’m a more old-school fan who likes Blaze’s ’80s motorcycle.
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon version of Rockstead looks just like you’d expect. However, there’s a noticeable absence of wash. So, the Punk/Rhino mutant retains his cartoony aesthetic.
Shredder is obviously in the background, but I’m not sure if he is a new statue or one that’s already on the market. From the purple cape, he’s probably another entry from the ’80s toon. However, his shin blades look metallic, which would contrast the whole animated look.
What are your thoughts on these two teaser images from Sideshow? Let us know in the comments.
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