MotU: Origins Castle Grayskull Available For Pre-Order Now!

The ‘Masters of the Universe: Origins’ line is one of Mattel’s greatest things with the series for many years. Don’t get me wrong. The ‘Classics’ line was cool for collectors, but not so much for kids.
When my kid first saw some ‘Classics,’ she wanted them, but the price tag, $19-$30 apiece if you’re lucky, was too much to swallow. The thing I remember fondly about the old ‘MotU’ figures was the beatings they could take.
We’d drop Skeletor from the second floor down the stairs or launch Stratos into the pond via a slingshot. You’d pick them up, bend the legs back into place and keep on trucking.
The ‘Origins’ line retains that playability meant for kids. The arms and legs of most figures are interchangeable. They easily pop off and are sturdy enough to … play “house” with my daughter’s Barbie dolls.
What this figure line really needs is Castle Grayskull. Not the overly priced Classic version, but a good old-fashioned simple fortress to battle over. Or … play “house” in for some reason.

Well, if you’d been paying attention to toy news, you’d know that the Origins line is getting a fairly priced Grayskull this year. The issue is, it didn’t stay fairly priced for long. As soon as pre-orders were up on Walmart and other sites, the price skyrocketed to well above $100 and sometimes $200. That much for a plastic toy?!
Well, some websites aren’t allowing scalpers to run the show. Forget Amazon or Walmart. Entertainment Earth is currently taking pre-orders at the original MSRP of $79.99. Sadly, the shipping date through this site isn’t until August. The castle has been showing up at some retailers in-store, but right now, due to COVID, it’s a crapshoot.
This new version of the playset has many of the same features as the original. It even includes the weapon rack, laser turret, and even the flag. Though this flag didn’t come into play in the cartoon, it was meant as a way of showing which faction currently had control of Grayskull. You also get an exclusive all-white version of the Sorceress.
From Mattel:

  • ​Large Castle Grayskull® is a thrilling MOTU® playset for fans who love to play out Masters of the Universe® adventures!
  • ​Exciting diorama style set folds out to reveal four rooms – so much space for creativity and adventure. And fans will love the working elevator and trap door!
  • ​Fits all 5.5-inch Origins figures and comes with a special edition Temple of Darkness Sorce​ress® figure unique to this playset.
  • ​Includes multiple accessories, so Masters of the Universe® will have all the supplies they need to craft countless tales of the battle between good and evil!
  • ​Authentically designed playset stays true to the traditions of this thrilling action and adventure franchise. A great gift for MOTU® fans ages 6 years old and up who love action and adventure.

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