Xena the Warrior Princess Leaps Back Into Battle With New ReAction Figures

If you paid attention to the current chatter about the entertainment industry, you’d be led to believe that no strong female characters were ever on TV or the silver screen. But, for those of us older than 20, we know better.
One of the icons of superheroines in the ’90s was Xena the Warrior Princess. Played to perfection by Lucy Lawless, Xena ran for six years on television side-by-side with Kevin Sorbo’s Hercules. Xena was a pop culture phenomenon during that time. Who needs Barista Teela and the Ma’amsters of the Universe when you could have Xena and Gabrielle battling mythic creatures and gods?
Since the Toy Biz days, Xena hasn’t had a major toy line, and Super7 has picked up the torch to fill in that gap with new ReAction figures.


Once a powerful despotic warlord, Xena has committed herself to fighting for the greater good to atone for her past misdeeds. Whether facing her arch-enemy Callisto or even Ares, the Greek God of War himself, Xena will not be thwarted in her fight for what is right. This 3.75” articulated Xena: Warrior Princess ReAction figure features premium detail and comes with Chakram and sword accessories. No mortal, beast, or God can stand against her so it would be a fool’s errand to resist adding this Xena ReAction figure to your collection.


She may have grown from farm girl, to bard, to formidable warrior, but Gabrielle’s most important role is that of friend and moral touchstone for Xena, helping keep her on the path of the good and the just. This 3.75” articulated Xena: Warrior Princess ReAction figure of Gabrielle looks equally ready to offer prudent counsel or take a more forceful approach to any would-be ne’er do wells, and comes with fighting staff accessory. The Gabrielle ReAction figure is a must-have for any Xena: Warrior Princess fan!

Both warriors are currently available to purchase directly through Super7. However, since Super7’s ReAction figures are made-to-order, they are priced at $18 apiece.
[Source: Super7.com]

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