Mothra, Oh, Mothra! The Queen Of Monsters Gets Her Own Statue

Here she is in all her glory. Mothra! The guardian of the natural world has been cast in polystone and sits above her egg, ready to protect the earth from monsters of all sizes.
I was surprised to see a classic Mothra appear at Entertainment Earth. Ever since the King of the Monsters version appeared, the original got pushed to the side as far as merchandise goes. The new one lacked all the charm of the big-eyed beauty from the classic Toho films.
Sometimes you just cannot beat the simple design. She may not be super accurate to a real-life moth, but she doesn’t have to be. Please learn that lesson Warner Bros.


One of the world’s most iconic Kaiju, the Queen of Monsters, Mothra, is here as a premium scale statue!
Throughout the years, Mothra has battled it out with Godzilla and many other giant sized threats. But her battle in the intense Godzilla: Tokyo SOS film is one of her most impressive and heartbreaking battles to date! Represented here is Mothra as she appeared in the that film, perched over her egg and ready to defend the planet once again. Sculpted by Matt Black, designed by Ian MacDonald, painted by Hector Arce, and with packaging illustration by Tom Whalen, the Mothra Tokyo SOS Premium Scale Statue stands at 16-inches tall and with a wingspan of 19-inches wide, and includes the non larva egg. Made of polystone and PVC.

It’s a shame we didn’t get more Mothra action in the Godzilla King of the Monsters. She deserves her own film set in the Kong/Godzilla universe. Hell, bring back the twins, too. Let’s go full-on with the Queen of the Monsters.
The 16″ tall statue will be out in November, but you can pre-order now. Mothra will run you $374.99.
[Source: Entertainment Earth]

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