Diablo IV Characters Can Get Eulogies by Megan Fox

Diablo IV recently had its release on home consoles and PC, allowing players to battle hordes of enemies and find legendary loot. Despite a few online connection stumbles at first, many are finding themselves in Sanctuary and facing demons under the command of Lilith. At some point during their quest, a player may die when fighting the powerful enemies that lurk around the game’s environments. Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal as players can just continue their game, but what if your character’s death got highlighted with a eulogy by actress Megan Fox? Would that make the game more interesting?

Blizzard is collaborating with actress Megan Fox, who recently posted on her Instagram a promo for Diablo IV. The short video invites players to share their worst or last in-game death they had while playing Diablo IV, and if chosen Megan will give their character a eulogy about how they lived in Sanctuary. This is done by using the hashtag #DiabloDeaths when posting a clip online.

But that’s not the only thing they might get by submitting a Diablo IV clip on either Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram. She might instead make fun of you if your submitted clip was a chump’s death. The promo asks players to submit their clips by June 7th, and then June 8th is when Megan’s reactions will start going up on social media. Given the actress’ well-known sass, everyone can definitely expect some genuinely funny reactions to the clips shared online. Many players might be getting a eulogy that tells of how heroic their character went out in-game, but there might be an unlucky few who get mocked for being slain in the worst ways.

Diablo IV has a lot of tough areas that players might find themselves getting killed in, especially in some of the game’s tougher boss fights and dungeons. Depending on the class you choose, some sections of Diablo IV may be more difficult to navigate than others, particularly for classes that can’t take a lot of hits often. The same can be said for the larger battles that require multiple players to tackle, which require a lot of careful planning and preparation beforehand. Regardless, most people would rather have their character’s tale be of heroic death in battle for Megan Fox to praise, rather than her detailing how much of a chump they were when getting killed. We’ll know how ridiculous things will get when the eulogies start getting shared online.

What do you think of Diablo IV and the promo that Blizzard is doing with Megan Fox? Is there something you want to see done with the game at some point? Share your thoughts about Diablo IV in the comments down below!

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