Diablo IV Will Get Story Updates Every Three Months

The release of Diablo IV from Blizzard is coming up very soon for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X. Everyone who had the chance to play the Diablo IV beta got to see a sample of what to expect in the final game, which you can find out in our Diablo IV beta gameplay preview here. But those who plan on spending lots of time with the end game of Diablo IV will have even more to look forward to after its initial release. Get ready to see updates to Diablo IV’s story content every few months, which is bound to keep everyone busy.

When speaking with Game Informer for an interview, Diablo IV director Joseph Piepiora stated that the game will receive updates every three months. These updates will contain new storylines that will be tied to new gameplay mechanics and features. This can possibly mean new abilities and other class-specific characteristics, as well as changes to the map and the NPCs you run into. Blizzard also stated before that the first season of updates won’t be live at launch but instead will come at a later date.

In addition to all of this, Diablo IV will have a battle pass for everyone that continues to play. This will have both free tiers and paid tiers that give new content, most likely extra gear and other items that will become important to the game. Joseph told Game Informer that this was due to the popularity of Diablo III and its seasonal updates, prompting the team to plan for live service aspects in Diablo IV. From the looks of it, Blizzard intends to support Diablo IV going for a long time, possibly years after its release.

While many gamers are not fans of live service elements in many recent big game releases, the reaction to the Diablo IV beta was very positive. The Diablo IV beta was popular enough to become the biggest beta for the series, with millions of players diving in. From what’s been discussed about the battle pass for the game, it doesn’t seem to appear intrusive to the core game, which should make many Diablo fans happy.

For the Game Informer cover story interview, Joseph spoke more about what players could expect in the end game of Diablo IV. “Whether you’re a fan of dungeons, PVP, or just roaming around the world, there’s a way to continue your Diablo adventure long after you hit the max level… Launch is just the beginning… One of the things that we’re really focused on is creating a living, breathing set of updates for players to engage with after the game has gone live.” We’ll see how everything comes together for Diablo IV when the game finally releases on June 6th 2023 for multiple platforms.

Are you going to check out Diablo IV? What class will you be starting out with when you play the game? Tell us your thoughts about Diablo IV in the comments down below!

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