MotU Classics Faker Figure Comes With The Classic He-Man Head!

Bruh. I’m getting tired of not being able to find Masters of the Universe figures in stores. Target sure does have lots of He-Man and Skeletors readily available, but that’s usually it. I’ve found the occasional Hordak and Ram Man, but no one else.
The series is now on Wave 5, and it has one of the figures I’ve been looking forward to the most: Faker!
Why Faker? He has a great color scheme! Orange and blue! Sure, those may be UF colors, and I’m a Seminoles fan, but they’re just so appealing on this evil android version of He-Man.
The other thing that has me excited for this guy is that he comes with the classic He-Man head. I’m not sure why the Wave 1 He-Man came with such a weird-looking face, but it’s nice to see the classic pop up here and in the Battle Armor deluxe figure as well. So, you can swap them out … if you can find them.
Faker, a minion of Skeletor, was a simple figure to produce back in the day of the original toyline. But then, it was just He-Man with Skeletor’s chest armor and a tape deck decal on his chest. A couple of dye jobs, and you’ve got a whole new figure for the ranks. Man, I love the toy industry!

Click here to pre-order your Faker from Entertainment Earth. For more info on Faker’s history as an action figure, check out this video from the director of the Classic’s line, Scott Neitlich.

Now that we’ve reached the fifth wave and many well-known characters have been accounted for, who do you want to see next in the Origins line? More villains from the Evil Horde? Maybe start bringing in some more heroes from the She-Ra line? The proper She-Ra, not that weird therapy session Netflix pretends was She-Ra. Let us know in the comments.

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