Pennywise Invites Us Into The Deadlights Thanks To Super7

Possibly the greatest fictional villain to ever appear in greasepaint, IT’s Pennywise form has been haunting the imaginations of audiences for over 30 years. Finally, super7 captured the friendly and fearsome faces of the ageless intergalactic evil with two new ReAction figures.
As he appears to lure children and his form once injured by The Losers, Pennywise has been added to the ever-growing ReAction figure catalog. Both are now available directly from Super7’s website.

There’s nothing overtly threatening about Pennywise, but in the back of your mind, you know something isn’t right. This 3.75” articulated IT ReAction figure of Pennywise the Clown portrays him in his relatively innocuous clown guise, complete with balloon accessory.
Yup. This is it. The nightmare fuel that is Pennywise in all his demonic glory. This 3.75” articulated IT ReAction figure of Pennywise the Monster reveals the nightmare within, featuring claw hands, sharp teeth, and the monstrous demon within.
Pennywise in both forms costs $18 apiece. Only the “regular” Pennywise comes with the balloon, however. I wonder if Super7 couldn’t secure the rights to Tim Curry’s likeness, so that’s why his face is covered.
Super7 has produced playsets before for ALIEN and Planet of the Apes. Could an IT sewer playset be in the works, complete with IT’s spider form? I’d buy it, especially if the spider has those wonky eyeballs.
IT TV Movie
People give that monster a lot of grief, but for a TV movie, it was still impressive. Sadly, we didn’t get a very book-accurate final standoff with the newer theatrical adaptations either. In fact, I’d say that those two films were pretty poor compared to the Curry mini-series. Those movies strayed too far from the book and tried to imitate Stranger Things.
Let us know your thoughts on IT, the original film, the book, and the two movies in the comments.
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