NVIDIA Cuts 4K GameStream, Asks Users To Get GeForce Now


NVIDIA isn’t winning PC gamers over this year. With melty connectors and GPU shortages, You’d think the maker of the Shield would want to try to reclaim some goodwill. Nope. Hidden in the company’s knowledge base, as uncovered by GameSpot, Nividia will end the Shield’s GameStream feature, which allows users to stream games in 4K.

According to NVIDIA, an update planned for mid-February will nix GameStream from all Shield hardware. However, in an act of almost incredible kindness, the company will allow customers to use GameStream until then. How generous. The update will not be mandatory; however, there are consequences. To ensure that more people get in line, Shield hardware will lose the functionality of an unspecified number of apps, including GeForce NOW.

Starting in mid-February, a planned update to the NVIDIA Games app will begin rolling out to SHIELD owners. With this update, the GameStream feature will no longer be available in app. SHIELD users can continue to use GameStream until that time.” – NVIDIA

Of course, NVIDIA does have an alternative it would like you to use once GameStream goes offline. That alternative is GeForce NOW, an app that requires users to pay a fee to stream games in 4K. Monthly membership dues for this service start at $0 to stream for one hour. The next tier allows for 6-hour sessions, 1080p resolution, and up to 60 FPS. If you want 4K, you gotta pay. $19.99 is what you’ll need to lay down to get Ultra HD, 120 FPS, and an 8-hour session.

All good things must come to an end unless you’re using Steam Link. Yes, that option is still available for the time being. It’s doubtful NVIDIA would try to tamper with Steam’s connectivity to a Shield-enabled device, but you never know.

Do you own a Shield? Is it worth paying $19.99 monthly to stream games in 4K? Let us know your thoughts below.

[Source: GameSpot]

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