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The story of Superman has been told in so many ways since the character’s debut back in 1938. Most people who are into pop culture or have heard about Superman know the basics of his origin and supporting cast. So it can be tough to find ways to tell the story about him that doesn’t already feel like retreaded territory. But luckily, My Adventures with Superman is a fun and action-packed interpretation of the man of steel through the lens of a shonen anime. You might know all about Superman, but you haven’t seen his story done in this way before. And luckily for everyone, it’s a fun and interesting take that works.

The premiere episodes for My Adventures with Superman take the man of tomorrow to his earlier years after growing up on Earth with his parents in Smallville. Clark Kent begins his job at the Daily Planet and crosses paths with Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen for the first time, and we see the budding of a beautiful friendship and romance that will eventually become legendary. Yet at the same time, this is a Clark Kent coming to understand his powers and his origins from the planet Krypton. And as Clark comes to better understand who he is, a growing threat lurks in the shadows that somehow ties into Superman himself and will inevitably collide with the man of steel.

Though the bullet points for Superman’s origin story are touched on, the show does a good job of giving it a flair of anime action that makes things look interesting. Superman even gets his own transformation sequence that is very inspired by ones from classic shows like Sailor Moon and Yu-Gi-Oh. For many big Superman fans out there, some of the design of Clark’s suit and the Kryptonian tech he encounters may not be as likable. There’s a big emphasis on making the technology of Krypton feel almost magical in nature, blending both mythical and technological elements together for the sake of looking cool. It’s a style that is very much in-line with anime shows that aren’t for everybody.

But what will work with everyone who watches the show is the relationship between Clark, Lois, and Jimmy. If you’ve seen any anime series that is considered shonen (heavily focused on action and geared towards a young male audience), then you’ll recognize many aspects that are consistent in the genre. Lois and Clark have an instant connection that is played for a “will they, won’t they” gag often, but their connection feels heartfelt and cute. We know they’re going to end up together somehow, but the back and forth with them in various situations is good to see unfold.

Jimmy Olsen is comedic relief and a fun friend to both Lois and Clark, yet also teases both in a way that feels like a matchmaker for the two. But Jimmy fills the role of the typical anime best friend that is both funny and supportive when it matters. For a new take on the Superman mythology, it’s good to see Jimmy take a more active role that nudges Lois and Clark in the directions they end up moving, while also standing out in his own way.

While there will be more as the series goes on, there aren’t many antagonists for Clark in My Adventures with Superman at the start. Subtle hints at classic Superman villains and DC Universe bad guys are present, which will eventually pay off into something bigger. The show does a good job of establishing the core group of heroes we want to root for, but it will take more time to build up truly solid bad guys to stand against Superman.

While there is no sign of Lex Luthor, the most popular Superman villain, the show does a good job of reinterpreting characters such as Live Wire. Again, the basics of the character are there but given a bigger visual upgrade that makes her look even more powerful. Though not a crazy battle, it does give us a chance to show how strong Superman can be when he’s finally in the full suit.

Speaking of which, the moments where we see Clark unleash his power look great. Before he puts on the iconic suit with the big S shield, Clark gets to fight giant robots that show how strong he can be. Everything from his super speed, super strength, and vision looks very good. The anime aesthetic gives a grand presentation of Superman flexing his power, with all the flashiness you expect to see in an anime action series like this. While the glow of both the S-shield and his suit might be a bit much for some fans, it does fit with the new stylistic take that the show is going for with the character.

Even if you’re not into watching anime, you should give My Adventures with Superman a chance. The first two episodes give a good idea of what to expect from the rest of the show and spotlight how good Superman can be with this kind of visual style. The action looks great and is fun to see, and the characters are likable and will grow on you even more as the story goes on. It might not be the Superman you grew up with or have known for years, but the essence of what makes the man of steel so beloved is definitely there.

What do you think of My Adventures with Superman overall? Have you gotten to see the show yet? And what characters do you hope to see in the future? Tell us about everything down below in the comment section!

My Adventures With Superman Premiere
  • 80%
    My Adventures With Superman Premiere - 80%


The show looks and sounds great, with a neat reinterpretation of a classic hero. Some of the story points may not be for everybody, as well as the visual style in some cases. Big antagonists will eventually become more important as the show goes on, but not much is given at the start. The heart of the show is the relationship between the three core characters, which is fun to watch.

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