UPDATE: Tomy Is Crowdfunding A 1:10 Scale BTTF DeLorean On Kickstarter

Tomy Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine
Photo Credit: Tomy


The official Kickstarter page launched today, complete with pricing and more details.

The pricing is far better than we thought. The VIP Early Bird DeLorean (with a 3″ Einstein) is $299. However, only 6 of these are left at this price!

Once those are sold out, you’ll need to go to the next tier, which means buying multiple DeLoreans at $200 and $500 discounts. Act fast!

The expected ship date is October 2024.

Photo Credit: Tomy
Photo Credit: Tomy


Tomy has announced that it will be crowdfunding the production of a 1:10 scale replica of Doc Brown’s DeLorean Time Machine! That news comes with a lot of potential, good and bad.

Starting tomorrow, July 11th, those who signed up will have a chance to “pre-order” their Time Machines on Kickstarter. I put pre-order in quotes because I’ve always been nervous when a company uses that term when it comes to crowdfunding. If the campaign fails, you didn’t pre-order jack squat!

That aside, the 17″ long DeLorean does look good. It also has features that weren’t even on the Eaglemoss model that cost $1,500. I should know I built that model over three years via the subscription service! One such feature is that smoke will emit from the rear vents.

Other than that, it has the types of bells and whistles you’d expect: LED lighting, die-cast metal parts, and so on.

One of Tomy’s best selling points is that the Time Machine will fit 7″ Marty McFly and Doc Brown figures. Tomy is most likely referring to NECA’s line of 1:12 scale figures.

On the downside, we still don’t know what the overall price will be. People who sign up for early access will get $100 off the replica, which tells me this thing may be close to the $1,000 range. If so, that puts it higher than Hot Toys‘s larger 1:12 scale DeLorean.

In an e-mail I received this morning, 13,428 other people have signed up to receive the discount. We’ll update the story tomorrow once we find out the final price of this potentially excellent replica.

I have no previous experience with Tomy’s other scaled replicas aside from the ERTL line. It’s hard to say how this will turn out, especially when the company gives us so little information.

[Source: Tomy]
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