‘Space Sheriff Gavan’ Is Flying Into A Home Video Release In North America

Discotek Media is bringing the 1982 Japanese science fiction series ‘Space Sheriff Gavan’ to North America for a home video release. It will feature all forty-four episodes of the show in the original Japanese with English subtitles on Blu-ray.

Developed by Shozo Uehara, the show was produced by Saburo Yatsude, now Toei Company, with Yoshiaki Kobayashi working as the director and produced by Susumu Yoshikawa, Yūyake Usui, and Itaru Orita. Akira Kushida composed both the opening song and the ending song.

The show starred Kenji Ohba as Retsu Ichijouji aka Gavan, Wakiko Kano as Mimi, Toshiaki Nishizawa as Commander Qom, and Issei Masamune served as the narrator for the show. Legendary actor Sonny Chiba also appeared in the series as Voicer.

Available for pre-order on the Right Stuf Anime website, the DVD is set to be released on October 25th, 2022.

Discotek made the announcement on social media:

Wikipedia describes the synopsis as follows,

“Earth is invaded by the criminal organization known as Makuu, led by Don Horror, who had first destroyed a space colony near Earth. Don Horror wants to dominate the whole universe, and the Earth represents an obstacle that he has to overcome by turning it into a domain for all evil. In response to Makuu’s attack, Space Sheriff Gavan of the Galactic Union Police is deployed to Earth to defend his mother’s home world. Gavan is helped by Mimi, the daughter of Commander Qom, and is given information by Qom, assisted by Marin on his home planet. Gavan goes to Earth to defend it against Don Horror and his devilish schemes. He settles on Earth incognito as Retsu Ichijouji, taking a job at the Avalon Youth Club in Japan to track Makuu’s forces down.”

In 2012, Toei released ‘Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie’ to commemorate the television series.

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