Warner Media Announces Animated Spin-Off ‘We Baby Bears’

Warner Media

Cannot get enough of ‘We Bare Bears’? Have no worries. Warner Media announced in a press release that the beloved animated series is getting a spin-off in the form of ‘We Baby Bears,’ to air on Cartoon Network.
Travel up, up, and away to faraway places with the 10-episode premiere of the original animated comedy, ‘We Baby Bears,'” CN said in a statement. “Produced by Cartoon Network Studios, ‘We Baby Bears’ embarks on magical adventures with the beloved siblings in search of a place they can call home.”
They described the synopsis as follows, “We Baby Bears follows Grizz (Connor Andrade), Panda (Amari McCoy), and Ice Bear (Max Mitchell) – as their younger baby selves – traveling in a magical box to fantastic new worlds searching for a place to call home. Along the way, they meet new friends, learn a few lessons and discover that “home” can mean wherever they are, as long as they’re together. We Baby Bears is executive produced by Daniel Chong and Manny Hernandez.”
The series is set to be released on New Years Day, January 1, 2022, with a first season of ten episodes. Hollywood stars Anjali Bhimani, Rhys Darby, Janeane Garofalo, Young M.A., Jason Mantzoukas, Stephen Oyoung, Willow Smith, and Bernardo Velasco will guest star in the cartoon. Korea K-Pop band TRI.BE is composed the original theme song.

Warner Bros. Head of Kids & Family Programming said, “We Baby Bears is the first original Cartoon Network series to kick off our Redraw Your World campaign and there isn’t a better, more authentic representation of our new brand promise than these baby bears looking for the place they fit in.” She added, “Partnering with TRI.BE on the original theme song, their message, ‘We are perfect as we are,’ doubles down on themes of inclusivity and acceptance which we think kids everywhere will be drawn to.”
They also released a poster for the ‘We Baby Bears.’

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