Olivia Thirlby Talks ‘Dredd’ Sequel

‘Dredd’ rocked into movie theaters in 2012. Directed by Pete Travis, the film starred Karl Urban as Judge Dredd, a comic book character in the dystopian future city of Mega-City One. In the film’s plot, he is evaluating new recruit Judge Cassandra Anderson played by Olivia Thirlby when a druglord traps them in an apartment complex.
While it underperformed at the box office, its home video sales sealed its status as a cult classic and would spark talks of a possible sequel that never materialized.
In an interview with Collider, Thirlby discussed the possibility of a sequel and how she is “all for it” even after a decade.
“First of all, let me just say, I was always the number one advocate of getting a sequel for Dredd. I love that movie and I love that character. If there is still talk of there being a sequel 10 years later, I am all for it,” she said. “What that gesture is about at the end, she’s bowing out of her ambition. She’s bowing out of a drive that she had to be an A student, to be perfect and to be the one who’s doing it right. I think she’s learned that the world is way too messy for her to have a personal investment in being shiny and important and in control.”
Thirlby continued, “Whatever that would yield for her in her journey as a person, maybe her journey as a judge, I couldn’t say. That would have to be in the mind of whomever was telling her story onward. But I would like to think that she would continue being a judge.”
She also expressed a desire for ‘Dredd’ writer and producer Alex Garland to return should a sequel go into production.
“I just also have to take a second and shout out Alex Garland because the Anderson that he wrote was so thoughtful and sensitive and nuanced and empowered and powerful, not because she was trying to be Dredd or be like a man, but because she was exactly herself and that journey of her finding herself and her true strength is what I love so much about that movie and what I felt like, as an actor, it was so meaty to lean into that role,” Thirlby explained. “If we’re gonna talk about a sequel to Dredd, we have to also whisper to the gods of the film universe that Alex Garland be part of that.”
Urban repeatedly stated that sequels were in various stages of production, including in 2017 where he was set to play Judge Dredd in a television series, but it never fully entered production.

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