Voltron Is Now Available in Black and Gold From Super7

Super7 is bringing the Ultimates! Voltron back to the collectibles market, now with a galaxy black and gold paint job. The defender of the universe features the same action figure and accessories as the previously released Ultimates! toy. These pieces include the Blazing Sword, Shield, and two pairs of lion hands. Pre-orders will continue until January 3rd; the expected shipping window is in the Fall of 2023.

Like other characters in this series, Voltron is priced at $55. The original Ultimates! figure was released in April 2021 and has become a pricy collectible. The 6″ tall figure goes for anywhere between $150-$200 on reseller sites. Is the $55 price tag a bit too much? Super7 also offers Voltron in smaller, less expensive forms. The Shogun and cartoon versions of the robotic hero are also available for $20 each.

Suppose you’re concerned about the quality of the Ultimates! figures, check out our review of Super7’s Radioactive Red Rage Toxie figure for an idea of what you can expect from these premium toys.

Super7 Ultimates Voltron
Super7 Ultimates Voltron
Super7 Ultimates Voltron
Super7 Ultimates Voltron

Included accessories:

  • 4x Interchangeable hands
    • 2x Lion hands
    • 2x Open mouth Lion hands
  • 1x Blazing Sword
  • 1x Shield

One look at its imposing black and gold colorway and you know that this Voltron means business! Inspired by vintage Japanese die-cast robots, this 7” scale highly articulated Galaxy Black Voltron ULTIMATES! figure features an exclusive black and metallic gold color scheme, includes interchangeable hands along with Blazing Sword and shield accessories, and comes packaged in a collector-friendly deluxe slipcase style box with gold foil accents.

Voltron is made from injected plastic. I noticed many issues with the paint in my review mentioned above. Hopefully, this figure won’t have problems with the gold color. Nothing ruins an all-black toy like messy gold paint. It’s not uncommon in these cases to find flaking paint or gold fingerprints in some areas.

[Source: Super7]

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