Rip And Tear At Home With These ‘DOOM’ Domestic Goods

Rip and tear your way through the kitchen with this DOOM Slayer apron. First, get your domestic duties out of the way while wearing the closest thing you can get to the praetor suit for only $20. Then, get that pulled pork plated like a real man. A real angry man!

Do you want your house to smell like Hell? No, not from the stink of ten cats and failed dreams. If you’ve always wanted to know what Immora smelled like, this $18 candle will give you the scents of “woodland moss wrapped in aromatic herbs, infused with incense and elements of agarwood.” Are you willing to drop $18 to find out?

DOOM isn’t the only game that’s getting in on the domestic duties. Fallout, too, wants to invade your home. First up is a Nuka Cola Christmas stocking. OK, they call it a “Holiday Stocking,” but come on. Who’s hanging up a stocking these days to celebrate Yule? I was surprised to see that this was an entirely embroidered item. Considering the lame things we’ve seen come out in the past centering around Fallout, to see that this wasn’t just a screen print is nice. $20 nice? Maybe not, but it’s better than the Nuka Cola rum disaster.

Of course, Bethesda also wants you to enjoy the smells of the Vaults with the Fallout Special Issue Scented Candle. What does Vault life smell like? Probably metal and stale farts? Nope. It’s vanilla and bourbon. I … what? That’s the last thing I think of when it comes to living below ground after a nuclear apocalypse. Just one of these candles is 6oz tins is $18. I guess the allure is that it’s somewhat Vault-Tec-themed. Sigh.


Making food – like slaying demons – can get messy. So be like the DOOM Slayer and put on some armor. The DOOM Slayer Apron lets you give the illusion of wearing the Slayer’s classic green and gray praetor suit. It’s a dash of rip-and-tear flair to season your time in the kitchen, and a great look to sport when hosting barbeque parties.


Titans. Towering spires. Glowing embers rising from the smoke. In the ancient city of Immora, the stage is set for the final battle between the Slayer and the Dark Lord. Is this what ultimate victory smells like? Light the DOOM Incense of Immora Scented Candle and immerse yourself in the nuanced notes of woodland moss, incense and black oud.


Fill your holidays with all the cheer-cheer-cheeriest gifts you can stuff inside the Fallout Nuka-Cola Holiday Stocking! It’s decorated with classic holiday icons, snowflakes and holly mixed in with classic Fallout icons, Nuka-Cola bottles and bottle caps. At 17 inches long and 10.5 inches wide.


Surround yourself with the familiar scent of home and all the warm, comforting feelings that come with it. The Fallout Special Issue Scented Candle offers a delicious blend of warm vanilla, sweet bourbon, and nuanced tonka beans. It’s the sort of smell that will put you in the mood to just settle down and enjoy the moment. It’s an invitation to experience feelings of safety, security, and state-of-the-art disaster preparedness.

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