Polar Lights Finally Updates Its ‘Star Trek TOS’ Shuttle Model

Around two years ago, Polar Lights released a 1:32 scale model kit of the shuttle seen in Star Trek: The Original Series. Although A.M.T. had released a version of the Enterprise’s ship-to-surface vessel years before, Polar Lights created a whole new kit, complete with pathways and paneling specifically for model builders who wanted to add their lighting.

I picked up the kit early last year and noticed that the interior of the Galileo looked like it was missing something. Of course, it was clear that no interior parts were included, but nowhere did Polar Lights advertise that they’d be releasing an add-on to flesh out the inside. This was odd because the shuttle’s door was a separate piece rather than being molded into the hull.

Polar Lights is re-releasing the Star Trek shuttlecraft model with the interior and crew. The NCC-1701/7 has seven newly sculpted U.S.S. Enterprise crew members, including Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Uhura, and Chekov. These figures are unpainted and optional to the build.

The new “complete” kit is $74.99 via the Big Bad Toy Store but does not include lighting. Unfortunately, there’s still no official L.E.D. light kit for this model. However, Monsters in Motion has one listed for $94.99.

The model may be assembled without the crew and includes a detailed command console, a utility compartment with an opening door, and new decals. Like the original kit, the shuttle’s registries can be changed to Columbus or Einstein.

Photo Credit: Polar Lights
Photo Credit: Polar Lights
Photo Credit: Polar Lights
Photo Credit: Polar Lights

Don’t worry if you, like myself, already have the Galileo shell kit. AutoWorld has the add-on for $33.99. If you’re not interested in building the Galileo with a fully realized interior, the original model kit is available on Amazon for around $50.

If you’ve ever wondered what happened to the original shuttlecraft prop, check out this video from VideoFromSpace:

[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]

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