New LPs From Mondo: Doom Patrol, MotU, and Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 2

Mondo has announced three new vinyl records pressed with the soundtracks of Doom Patrol, Godzilla VS Mechagodzilla 2, and Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation. But, hey, two of those aren’t bad at all!

The underappreciated Doom Patrol is first on our list. The Season 1 records weigh 140 grams and were mastered by James Plotkin. What sets this apart from the readily available soundtrack is that these records include more than double the tracks. This release is extremely limited, only 500 copies. It can be ordered right now for $45.


Featuring 38 tracks (as opposed to the digital release, which is only 15 tracks), This is the definitive Doom Patrol Season 1 soundtrack featuring music by Clint Mansell and Kevin Kiner. The score is fantastic, mixing electronics and more traditional string-based score elements. The central theme is one of the best in recent years, and the score is moody and magnificent yet also fun and playful. It is the perfect accompaniment to the action on screen.

There are 38 tracks in total across the two records. The Season 1 vinyls are comprised of the following tracklist:

Side Donkey Patrol
1. Main Titles
2. Jane & Robotman
3. And The Years Passed
4. Test Flight
5. Daughter’s Birthday
6. Cloverton Chaos
7. Only Cliff Stays
8. Robotman Yells At Dey
9. Vic’s Illusion
10. Last Memory Of John
11. Animal Vegetable Mineral
12. Willoughby
13. Mr. Nobody

Side Danny Patrol
14. Some Goodbyes
15. Original Doom Patrol
16. Rita Make Peace
17. Larry Talks To Spirit
18. Hammerhead Stop It
19. Rita Talks
20. Vic Talks
21. Admiral Whiskers
22. Bureau Wants Larry

Side Bureau Patrol
23. Defeating Normalcy
24. The Underground
25. Alistair Dead Again
26. Niles The Hunter
27. Niles And Slava
28. Nobody Wants To Know
29. Here’s To Bump

Side Ezekiel Patrol
30. The Butts Are Loose
31. Silas Attacked
32. Flex Knows Nothing
33. Reunion With Dotty
34. Pity Mr. Nobody
35. Ratatooshy
36. Silas Calls Out
37. Ezekiel Madness
38. End Credits

Let’s move on to the soundtrack of 1993’s Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla 2. This thing is a dream for people like me who love to hang records and sleeve artwork on the wall. The two record collection features two vastly different vinyls, with one side being entirely for display only. Not bad for $45!


Scored by the legendary Akira Ifukube, whose incredibly thrilling music is a highlight of one of Toho’s best kaiju epics. Of course, the traditional Godzilla theme is front and centre and as rousing as ever, but Ifukube also returns to his wonderful original 1956 music for Rodan. Mechagodzilla is given a huge, lumbering theme with low brass that conveys its tremendous power. Still, the sweet and quirky material provided to Baby Godzilla is perhaps the highlight of the score, with a solo woodwind motif and beautiful soaring strings befitting the regality of the son of the Big G. Another Ifukube masterpiece!

The records alone are worth the price, but if you’ve never heard the main title for GVM2, you’re missing out on an epic score. Check it out below:

Yeah, I left this one for last for a reason. I, honestly, cannot recall a single track from Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Not a single tune or note. Nothing. What I found funny was that Mondo couldn’t bother putting the tracklist up and instead used a Spotify playlist. That sounds about right when it comes to Kevin Smith’s bait-n-switch disaster. Although the soundtrack is forgettable, the included sleeve is pretty cool looking. This vinyl set is $50 and is said to be a limited edition. However, the number of pressings made was not stated.



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