Arcade1Up’s Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes Coming Soon!


Arcade1Up wants to take us for a ride. That ride ends with the company finally making a WiFi-enabled Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes arcade cabinet! Yes, the legendary fighting game that pitted 56 Marvel and Capcom characters against each other will soon be getting the signature Arcade1Up treatment.

Pre-orders for the cabinet start on September 8th, and the expected ship date is “just a few weeks after,” according to the machine’s page. The cabinet is modeled after the recently announced Capcom Legacy machine but has new side panel art. However, the control deck appears to be the same, and there’s no artwork around the monitor’s border.


Not only does this cabinet include what is arguably the best MVC game, but seven other titles are accompanying it, including:

  • Marvel vs Capcom 2
  • Marvel vs Capcom
  • Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter
  • X-Men vs Street Fighter
  • Marvel Super Heroes
  • X-Men: Children of the ATOM
  • X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse
  • Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems

X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse is an interesting choice because it’s not a fighting game. This was originally a SNES game made by Capcom. The character sprites were very similar to the ones found in the fighting games. It was a challenging game:

The cabinet itself will come with a custom riser and a light-up marquee. There will also be a headphone jack, which is a welcome addition. I have a few cabinets in my office, and not all of my co-workers will enjoy hearing “I Wanna Take You for a Ride” repeatedly.

As far as negatives go, the WiFi play may not apply to all the included games. WiFi Play is limited to MVC2, from what I can tell. If that’s the case, it’s a bit of an odd limitation because the cabinet has six other fighting games. X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse is a single-player console game, so that’s not an issue.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes has seen a few non-arcade releases since it launched in 2000. The SEGA Dreamcast port was my personal favorite. The game was eventually ported to the PS2, XBOX, PS3, and XBOX 360. There was even a port on the iPhone, but from what I remember, it wasn’t all that great. I believe it has been delisted from iTunes for some time.

If you’re looking to put down $400-$700 on the Arcade1Up machine, I suggest investing in a few upgrades, such as better joysticks and buttons. I’ve been modding Arcade1Up cabinets for a couple of years now, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to make changes that can drastically improve the gaming experience. All the parts you need are readily available on Amazon and require basic soldering skills.

Will you be picking up this cabinet? What do you think is a fair price for the eight-game collection? Let us know your thoughts below.

[Source: Arcade1Up]

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