Mezco Goes Retro With This Creepy Pennywise Plush Doll


Kiss me, fat boy!
Mezco has created a new Pennywise doll based on the 1990 TV mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s monstrous book IT.
The retro doll is priced at $94. He stands at 18″ tall, but he does not have an armature inside. Yes, he’s exactly like all those other plush dolls out there. He’s just floppy. If you try to stand him up, he’ll probably just crumble under the weight of that enormous melon of his.
Pennywise is set to slither out of the sewers and into your homes around the third quarter of 2022. Click here to pre-order yours.


Pennywise wants to creep you company! The perfect cuddle buddy or movie watching companion, this Roto Plush will be right by your side…watching you sleep…haunting your nightmares…
Sporting a maniacal grin, Pennywise is 18” tall, features sculpted parts on a floppy plush body, and wears his signature clown suit from the classic made-for-TV miniseries, IT.
There’s nothing to be afraid of. We all float down here!

The iconic killer clown was played by Tim Curry and has become the staple look for the character for years, even though the book describes Pennywise differently. Regardless, the face of this version of the interdimensional devourer of children is what we all think of when the character is mentioned.
The level of detail on the 18″ tall doll is impressive. Skin pores, yellow teeth, and somewhat bloodshot eyes from all that makeup! I hope there’s another version coming out with the Dead Light eyes. Or one that talks. Or one that swears and spits out very inappropriate slurs, just like in the book. Yeah, people forget about how awful the book was regarding race.
What do you think of Pennywise here? Should Mezco make a retro doll in the visage of the newer IT movies? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.
[Source: Mezco]

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