Cuphead Zoetrope Animation Creation on Display for a Decade

In 2017, a studio company called Studio MDHR created a game called Cuphead. The art and animation was heavily inspired by the rubber hose style that was quite popular in the 1930s style of American animation, in particular, from Walt Disney Animation Studios and Fleischer Studios.

Recently, it was announced that one of their latest creations would be showcased at a museum in Melbourne, Australia. They created something called a zoetrope by combined efforts using traditional 2D animation to 3D printing, to help make this come alive.

A zoetrope is something that was developed in the 1830s. It opened the doors to create the illusion of movement in visual entertainment. The illusion of motion is created by displaying a sequence of drawings or photographs showing progressive phases of that motion. In 2010, inspired by Studio Ghibli’s zoetrope, Disney’s Pixar created their own zoetrope, which you can view here:

Studio MDHR’s Cuphead zoetrope will be on display until February 16, 2031, spinning the illusion of movement 247. It will be part of an exhibition called “The Story of the Moving Image“. The exhibition will be showing the journey through the past, present, and future of the moving images both digital and traditional.

See the Cuphead zoetrope in motion here, along with progress art, from two people who worked on this amazing work of art (the animated zoetrope video has a jazzy sound to go along with it):

This exhibition will also include “Disney: The Magic of Animation“, which will be live for viewing from May 13 – October 17, 2021. These rarely seen works include over 500 original paintings, sketches and concept art that have been specially selected by the Walt Disney Animation Research Library in Los Angeles, California. These rarely seen works reveal the development of beloved stories and animation techniques from Walt Disney Animation Studios films and shorts.

Congratulations to the team at Studio MDHR for creating something pretty amazing!


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