Morph Joins The Marvel Legends’ X-MEN VHS Series


Everyone’s favorite member of the 1990s X-MEN team is finally here! That’s right! It’s Morph! You remember Morph, right? Now he’s back in $27.99 action figure form!
Morph, the mutant who could transform into pretty much anyone and imitate their voice, is joining the growing Marvel Legends X-MEN: The Animated Series VHS figure line. Sporting his brown leather jacket and traditional Xavier-approved blue and yellow spandex, Morph is ready to fight for justice by … annoying Gambit and being Wolverine’s buddy.
Morph popped up this week over at Hasbro Pulse for pre-order. He’ll be shipping out around December 2nd.
Over the past several months the website has launched a whole bunch of Legends figures based on the classic Fox Television animated series. We previously covered Storm, Jean Grey, Wolverine, and Jubilee.

Morph comes with the following accessories:

  • Two pairs of interchangeable hands
  • Normal Morph’s head
  • Brainwashed Morph’s head
  • Jacket that totally doesn’t match with the ’90s X-MEN’s blue and yellow uniforms
  • VHS-styled packaging

We all knew Morph was cannon fodder the very first time he showed up in X-MEN: The Animated Series’ premiere episode. He wasn’t part of the principal cast, and his voice was rather annoying. Not long after his debut, Morph was seemingly gunned down by a Sentinel.
Later on in the series, Morph reappeared, but this time he was under the control of Mr. Sinister. There was eventual redemption for the fallen mutant, but did anyone care? In toy form, I remember Morph being a peg warmer. His gimmick as a toy was coming with four interchangeable heads. That’s it. Oh, and he came with a Flair Ultra trading card. Characters with the ability to change shape are complex to translate into action figures; I get it.
What did you think of the 1990’s Morph? Let us know in the comments section below.
[Source: Hasbro Pulse]

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