EXO-6 Reveals Star Trek Enterprise’s Thy’lek Shran Action Figure


Possibly the greatest character in Star Trek: Enterprise was Andorian commander Thy’lek Shran. The pink-skin-hating alien showed up multiple times during the show’s short run. Sometimes as a foe, sometimes as an unwilling ally. Several years after Enterprise ended, the tough-talking and brutal Andorian is finally getting an action figure worthy of his ego.

EXO-6 has just announced Shran will be getting the 1:6 scale Museum Grade action figure treatment. Like other Star Trek characters who’ve come before him, Shran will feature several accessories, soft goods garments, and a portrait that captures his grimace perfectly. Shran’s price hovers at just around $250 after shipping. Like the other figures in the line, this is a premium collectible, and one of the few times one of Jeffrey Combs’s characters has gotten this sort of treatment. Pre-orders for Thy’lek Shran will be open until November 17th. The estimated ship date is in March 2023.


When Captain Archer was bumbling around the Alpha Quadrant without shields, a reliable transporter or the Prime Directive, one of his most frequently encountered frenemies was the Andorian Commander Shran.  The Andorians had a beef with the Vulcans and Shran educated Archer that they might not be the best allies, but Shran and Archer’s alliance helped pave the way for the birth of the Federation.  After playing many different roles on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Jeffrey Combs embodied the feisty little Andorian perfectly – giving him a sense of conniving intelligence that was balanced with a profound sense of honor.

Shran will come with the following parts and accessories:

  • Andorian Imperial Guard jumpsuit: Meticulously researched, this Imperial Guard uniform matches the pattern, and colors of the original costume recreated in 1:6 scale. A holster and two utility packs attach to the belt.
  • Boots: Plastic boots sculpted to match Andorian footwear.
  • Display Base: A hexagonal display base featuring the transporter pad will provide additional support for the figure.
  • Hands: Six hands to display the various accessories.
  • Andorian Plasma Rifle: The larger ground firearm used by the Imperial Guard.
  • Andorian Plasma Rifle: The larger ground firearm used by the Imperial Guard.
  • Andorian Plasma Pistol: A single-handed firearm that fits in a holster on the thigh.
  • Ushaan-tor (2): Andoria is an icy planet where miners use these deadly looking icepicks. They are also used in the Ushaan, a duel of honor.
  • Ushaan gauntlets (2): Worn in the Ushaan, these armored gauntlets bind the dueling opponents together through the connected hand and wrist armor.
  • Andorian communicator

During an interview a few years ago, I briefly talked with Jeffrey Combs about his time on various Star Trek shows.

[Source: EXO-6]

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