DC Comics Releases Collected Edition Of “The Joker Volume 1” Comic Book

DC Comics announced that the Clown Prince of Crime’s solo series from writer James Tynion IV and artist Guillem March is getting its own collected edition in the form of ‘The Joker Vol. 1.’ The first five issues and a few tie-ins will be featured in the graphic novel.
“The first collection of the Joker’s ongoing series is a noir-influenced story that hangs on one killer question: Will Jim Gordon finally do what Batman never could and put the Clown Prince down for good,” DC Comics said on their website. “‘The Joker Vol. 1’ contains the first five issues of James Tynion IV’s Joker series, illustrated by Guillem March, plus a few additional short story tie-ins from recent Batman comics. It’s a gritty Joker tale, of which there is certainly no shortage, but this one’s a little different.”
They also released the image of the graphic novel’s cover:

“Tynion’s Joker is compelling and tense. However, its focus is not on the rivalry between the Clown Prince and Batman, but the Joker and Gotham’s former police commissioner, James Gordon. Gordon has myriad reasons to hate Joker, and unlike Batman, has finally reached a point where permanently ending him is a viable solution,” DC Comics continued. “While TV’s Gordon-centric Gotham gave us a young Jim, The Joker gives us an older, more jaded Jim. He’s retired as police commissioner and rejected Harvey Bullock’s offer to join him in the private eye biz, but he’s not quite ready to relax.”
“Though the narrative can occasionally meander through Jim’s past and conflicting thoughts, the convergence of mysteries makes it a real page-turner with each flashback providing further insight into what’s really been going on in our trusty lawman’s head. Jim’s narration is both moody and introspective. It’s a wordy comic, and those who love a film noir will feel right at home. The art is detailed and realistic, often visceral in its depictions of carnage,” they add.
‘The Joker Vol. 1’ is available now in book stores and digitally.

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