Udon Releases New Robotech Visual Archives

Harmony Gold released the first ‘Robotech Visual Archive: The Macross Saga’ that follows the first series and delivers a sort of history of the first season of the show. It has several images including the mechs used to battle off the alien invaders who have arrived on Earth.
As a follow-up, Udon Comics is releasing two new guides that will cover the second and third seasons of the Robotech series as well as releasing a second edition of the first book.
“Udon’s follow up books to the Robotech Visual Archive are now here, and they cover the Robotech Masters and New Generation in painstaking new detail,” Robotech announced on their website. “‘Robotech Visual Archive: Southern Cross’ and ‘Robotech Visual Archive: Genesis Climber Mospeada’ cover the second and third story arcs of Robotech, and feature new research, pre-production art and carefully restored illustrations from the production of the hit 80’s anime! Additional artwork unearthed by Robotech superfan Roger Harkavy are also included, new peeks into Mospeada that were never seen by the public until his discovery.”
They continued, “Even longtime anime fans who already have Japanese artbooks from Southern Cross and Mospeada will benefit from the Visual Archive books, because Udon has translated all the captions from the Japanese pre-production art into English!”

Udon said on their website “ROBOTECH is a sweeping science-fiction anime epic in which humans use a vast arsenal of transforming robotic mecha to defend the Earth against alien domination. The franchise has captivated fans for over 30 years, and is widely credited with popularizing anime around the world.”
Udon describes the second edition of the first Visual Archive as “the ultimate collection of artwork gathered from Robotech’s first and beloved era ― The Macross Saga. Included in this epic tome are mecha designs, character artwork, pre-production concepts, key art, storyboards, a full episode guide, and more!”

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