It’s Father’s Day and Mezco Has My Cake!

Nathan Grantham has arisen from his grave and only has one thing on his mind. OK, perhaps two. One of those things was dropping a graveyard monument on top of Ed Harris. The other thing is pretty apparent when you look at Mezco‘s newest LDD figure.
Happy Father’s Day indeed! The LDD Creepshow figure of Nathan’s walking corpse is 10″ tall and has 5 points of articulation. He’s sporting his stylish burial suit and comes with Sylvia’s decorated head atop a silver platter. Such sweet justice.
Nathan is priced at $60 and is expected to ship before Father’s Day 2023.


Nathan Grantham emerges from the underworld in a dusty two-piece suit and features an all-new head sculpt. The decaying living-dead dad comes complete with the decapitated head of his daughter Sylvia, covered in icing and candles, on a silver platter which he can hold. In this terrifying tale from the cult classic anthology series ‘Creepshow’, a demented old man returns from the grave demanding the Father’s Day cake his sinister daughter never gave him.

Creepshow premiered in theaters in 1982. It was directed by George A. Romero and written by Stephen King. Father’s Day was the first story in the anthology and featured Ed Harris, Jon Lormer, and Carrie Nye. In the story, Nathan crawls from his grave years after his daughter Bedelia murdered him in a fit of rage. What does Nathan crave after years of rotting away? His Father’s Day cake. Of course, he wants his other daughter Sylvia to join in the festivities. After all, she helped cover up the murder and profited from his death.
The segment ends like all those great EC Comics did, with a horrifying reveal and some awesome gore.
What do you think of this new Creepshow merchandise? Let us know in the comments section below.
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