Stadia To Be Shut Down By Google At Summer’s End?

To no one’s surprise, rumors that Google intends to shut down its video game streaming service Stadia have once again risen. However, this time the news supposedly comes from an insider on the Stadia team. Killed By Google’s Twitter account posted a message from an alleged (possibly former) Google employee regarding what he/she was told about a recent employee/retail seminar. If legit, it would appear that Google will sunset the Stadia service at the end of Summer. According to Game Informer, this comes after reports that the tech giant had deprioritized the system back in February.

If the images of the text do not load, here’s what it said:

Just a heads up:

Old coworker and friend of mine, Is now one of the regional

managers for Google. He’s actually the one who got me

started with Stadia. They had a pretty large employee/retail

seminar in California this past weekend, and long story

short Google is beginning their exit plan. They did not have

an exact date that end of service will happen, but they did

say by the end of summer. He also mentioned that they will

not be transferring their services or servers to any other

competition per se, and it will be much like they did with

“Google Play Music”

Same exit approach and strategy

I’m obviously not as big as a fan as some of you, but you

guys have always been super cool and helpful so | thought

I’d return the favor and give you a heads up.

There were a few other details | could post if you would like

but nothing too groundbreaking. | do believe he also

mentioned that all members would be informed 30-60

days before, and that the last month of service will be

refunded and no charge for it’s usage.

Also, any available subscription months will be a refunded

fully to your linked bank account.

| will speak to him tonight and ask any questions you may


Thanks again guys.


Do you think Stadia is doomed like so many other Goole projects? Let us know below.

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