Anime Matsuri Creates A New Dubbing Studio With Vic Mignogna

Anime Matsuri held a special livestream on their Youtube channel on Sunday night to announce they created their own dubbing studio. The new dubbing studio started in November 2021 and they have already started recording. Deneice and John Leigh from Anime Matsuri traveled to Japan to meet up with Nippon Animation for a collaboration. Nippon Animation gave Anime Matsuri two anime movies that have never been dubbed in America before. The two anime movies are Genbanojo and Zip! Shimezo. They are described as animes for all ages to enjoy.

Being an ADR director himself, Vic Mignogna was asked by Anime Matsuri to become part of the new dubbing studio. Over the recent years, Vic has been asked countless times when he will return to voice acting in anime. Along with the news of Vic joining the new dubbing studio, Vic, who was a special guest on the livestream, announced he will be voicing in the two anime movies and is listed as being the ADR director for both animes.

The two anime dubs will be premiering live at the 16th annual Anime Matsuri 2022 convention on Friday July 29th, at 8 pm. A second showing will be on Saturday in the theater area at the convention. After the premiere, there will be a question and answer session with the voice actors. Nippon Animation will also be attending the premiere.

Vics’ reaction to being asked to become part of the new dubbing studio was described as “he just dropped to the floor”.

When asked what it felt like to be back in studio voice recording, Vic answered, “I came in down there to work on Genbanojo with Jacob first. And he was behind the console. And I went into the booth and put the headphones on and it was the first time that I had done that in probably, you know, 2 years. Um and I teared up a little bit, I have to say.” Deneice and Jacob (the other guest on the livestream, from Japan) agreed with how emotional the moment was. “Being a part of this industry has been such a great joy in my life for the last 20 years that I’ve been in the anime industry, and I love it so much, I love working on it. So it was a real humbling opportunity to get back into it.”

Jacob stressed that this was not a one-off special event. They’re working hard to acquire licenses and all the things required in running an anime dubbing studio. This is just the beginning. Having fans to support their work also makes a tremendous difference.

It was noted during the stream that technological advances in todays world enables them to have people do voice acting from around the world. For example, one voice actor in Zip! Shimezo voiced their role from the Netherlands. In fact, the majority of this movie was recorded remotely.

To see the full video announcement, watch the video here. The talk with Vic and Jacob starts at around 9:09.

So what do you think about the new dubbing studio and Vic Mignogna’s return to voice acting? Let us know!

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  • Congratulations, Vic! I’m hoping to see all the more roles for you in the future!

  • Vic can go jump into a woodchipper, the creep. I dont give a shit what his fans think about that either. He got off on underage girls cosplaying his character, and assaulted voice actresses.

    Everyone in the con circuit knew he was sketchy, just no one would come forward because they were still “star-struck”.

    he belongs in jail.

      • ive dealt with that shithead multiple times away from public view. So yes, I do believe them. Especially when it was from multiple trusted members of my staff.

        He was known as “Vic the Prick” for years before any of this came to light or court. FFS its a damn cartoon, dont make this horrible human your hero because he read some lines into a microphone.

      • He was widely regarded as skeevy years before the MeToo movement.

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