Sideshow Teases Three New Upcoming Collectibles

A trio of new collectibles was teased this week over at Sideshow collectibles. These previews include Premium Format Figures of Wolverine (Ronin), The Joker, and a statue of Olivia De Berardinis’s Frankie Reborn.
Wolverine as a Ronin is something we only got a small taste of during Fox’s X-MEN days. The Wolverine was our brief glimpse at Logan’s time in Japan; somewhere his comic book counterpart has spent a lot of time. These stories and his stints as “Patch” were always my favorite bits of Wolverine lore because they departed from the typical roster of the X-MEN and villainous mutants.
Sideshow is looking to capture the spirit of Wolverine as a wandering samurai in a new Premium Format Figure. These statues tend to be of a larger size and usually feature a mixture of sculpted artistry and tailoring craftsmanship. The preview image below makes this one of the Canadian mutant’s most dynamic statues in some time.

Sideshow Collectibles
A grotesque-looking Joker will be the character’s following interpretation as a Premium Format Figure. His smile is curled back in a sinister rictus, showing off rows of enormous teeth. His left arm is outstretched to shake yours, but is that a potentially deadly joy buzzer attached to his middle finger? What’s that behind his back? Is it the exact crowbar he used to beat Jason Todd to death?
Sideshow Collectibles
Now, let us look at the only reason I wrote this article: sexy, beautiful pinups!
Olivia De Berardini specializes in pinup art, and it’s glorious. Her Frankenstein’s Monster and Bettie Page mashup is excellent! The Frankie Reborn statue captures Olivia’s eye for the female form and pinup genre. A fine art print version of Frankie is also coming; click here to check that out. It’s unclear just how large this statue is, but I’d clear an entire shelf just for her. Hopefully, we’ll get more details soon.
As much as I’m a fan of the horror monster type of Joker, my favorite version of the Clown Prince of Crime has always been the ’70s and ’80s version, where he’s much more clean-cut. The basic clownish look hid how truly unhinged the Joker was underneath. That kind of gets lost when his features one-to-one match his evil heart.
Sideshow Collectibles
Let us know what you think about this trio of collectibles below.
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