Worries For Another Day! See Fraggle Rock’s New Trailer Today

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The Fraggles are back, exclusively on Apple TV+ starting on January 21st. Thankfully, the show appears to be keeping with the original series tone, aesthetics, and Jim Henson’s designs.
The noticeable change is that the role of Doc is now in the hands of Lilli Cooper. Gerald Parkes, who played Doc in the original ’80s series, passed away in 2014. This brings up a question, is this a reboot of Fraggle Rock?
The new trailer didn’t answer that question. Near the conclusion of the original series, Gobo eventually meets Doc, but in the trailer, it looks like everything is starting over. That’s a slap in the face to Parkes. At least they kept Sprocket.
I’m not sure why Fraggle Rock would need a reboot if everything is kept the same except for one character. Maybe I’m wrong.

The new show, regardless, still looks and feels like classic Henson. There are lots of noticeable chromakey, and the physical limitations of the Doozers and Fraggles are still apparent but charming.
The best thing yet? Marjory, the Trash Heap, is back! Her segments of wisdom and song were always my favorite parts of Fraggle Rock. Yes, the Gorgs are returning as well! I’m stunned at how little was changed to get the show back, to be honest.
We’ve grown so accustomed to everything having to be updated for “modern audiences” that I was sure Ma, Pa, and Junior would have been tossed in the trash because they were too much like an average family, except royal.
Travelling Matt has a very brief appearance in the trailer. Hopefully, this means we’ll get more segments with him in the real world, but please don’t let this be a gateway to let modern sociopolitical garbage infest the show. Please.
What do you think of the latest trailer? Let us know in the comments.
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