‘Hellboy Web of Wyrd’ Gameplay Revealed … Kinda.

Somehow, the Hellboy: Web of Wyrd gameplay trailer flew under the radar. The game, coming to the XBOX and PS5, features an aesthetic that almost perfectly captures Mike Mignola’s art style. However, the gameplay shown in this trailer leaves much to be desired. Also, the voice chosen for Hellboy is … interesting.

To say the trailer for Hellboy: Web of Wyrd was sort of unnoticed is an understatement. So far, the YouTube video’s view count is only about 57K. Oof.

“World premiere of the new gameplay trailer of the upcoming Hellboy Web of Wyrd, an action-brawler-roguelite from Upstream Arcade and Good Shepherd Entertainment. Play as Hellboy and punch, dodge, and blast your way through the mysterious Web of Wyrd in this all-new adventure crafted in partnership with Dark Horse Comics and visionary series creator Mike Mignola.”

Stylistically, I like it. The contrasting colors and broad shadows make it a living, breathing Mignola comic, but what’s with this gameplay? Without more context, I would have assumed this was a mobile game like Infinity Blade.

From the little we see, Hellboy employs holy relics and the Samaritan, but exactly how combat flows is unclear. Are we taking on one creature at a time? Are these mini-boss battles?

When you’re trying to sell a game to us, we need more than 30 seconds of footage to determine if the combat loop works. An interview XBOX conducted with Hellboy Web of Wyrd developers at Upstream Arcade didn’t help much:

“Hellboy’s fighting style is drawn from the comics. We pored over all the cool action sequences in the comics to get a strong sense of how he tackles all manner of strange and powerful entities. We often talk about this being a ‘Monstrous, toe-to-toe brawler’ where sure, Hellboy is a big guy, but he is often fighting something much bigger than him, so we built the gameplay around those feelings.

What do you think of the upcoming game based on the BPRD’s agent? Let us know below.

[Source: XBOX]

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