Classic G1 Soundwave Re-Released With A J. Balvin Makeover!

I’m always looking for reissues of classic G1 Takara Tomy / Hasbro Transformer figures. Occasionally we see Optimus Prime or Hot Rod pop up, but Soundwave, not so much. Why is that? He’s one of the simplest in terms of parts and transformation from Decepticon into disguise mode. So he’s not “problematic” like Megatron’s gun mode.

Well, if you missed the last few re-releases of G1 Soundwave, there’s another one on the way with a bit of a twist. Rather than going with the old school colors, Takara Tomy got some inspiration from the Prince of Reggaeton, Columbian signer José Álvaro Osorio Balvín. Better known as J Balvin, the artist has an affinity for yellow smiley faces, and Soundwave is perfect for all that it seems.

Over at the Big Bad Toy Store, we saw the supreme Decepticon’s $69.99 J Balvin variation. He’s now bright yellow and decked out with the artist’s signature smiley face on the cassette deck window, and the entire front panel once transformed into stereo mode. Honestly, I like how he looks. He even comes with two cassettes based on two of J Balvin’s albums: Energia and Vibras. These two are Ravage and Laserbeak, but with new paint jobs.

Oddly, Soundwave does not come with his signature battery blasters. Instead, he is carrying two large rifles with blast effects. These are probably repurposed from other Transformers figures, but I can’t quite place who they’d previously belonged to. Regardless, the future is due out this October.


This musical Decepticon wields the power of rhythm to crush his enemies! Figure converts into cassette player mode in 6 steps and features deco and details inspired by J Balvin. He comes with 2 mini cassette figures, with deco inspired by albums Energia and Vibras. Energia Buzzsaw converts to condor mode in 4 steps and Vibras Stripes converts to tiger mode in 3 steps. Includes blaster accessory and 2 rainbow blast effects.

I’d not heard J Balvin’s music until researching the Soundwave figure. Check out one of his songs below:

Let us know what you think about the reskinned Soundwave below.

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