Topps Is Now The Exclusive Place To Buy MEGO Action Figures

The MEGO brand is alive and will soon become available exclusively online. MEGO will start offering 8″ and 14″ figures only through the trading card company in collaboration with Topps. MEGO toys include nearly every franchise under the sun, from horror movie icons to superheroes, to the cast of sitcoms.

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Available starting on August 16th, will feature the most iconic action figures throughout the decades, from every genre imaginable – Superheroes, Horror, Pop Culture, Sci-Fi, and more! The exclusive Mego figures, including new characters and reimagined classics, will be available to purchase only through the Topps website, with new action figures dropping every Monday! The exclusive Mego figures will be available in a variety of sizes, including a combination of 8-inch and 14-inch for collectors and fans to enjoy!

We found more details about this over at A quote from Topps’ VP of Product Development, Clay Luraschi, laid out the plans for this collaboration, “We are thrilled to be collaborating with a nostalgic, industry-leading brand like Mego Figures who understands the heritage and timeless hobby of collecting. We’re always looking for new ways to grow our product offerings as we continue to expand our e-commerce business, and we’re excited to help reunite collectors with some of the most legendary figures of our time.
MEGO toys have had a weird resurgence over the past decade. Before that, you’d see random convention exclusive MEGO figures, but not an ongoing line. Then out of nowhere, Target was stocking Cheers, Happy Days, and DC Comics MEGOs.
The line slowly migrated out of Target and into Walmart. Finally, this past week we spotted the Gene Wilder Willy Wonka MEGO. The line is still alive, but maybe it needs a better strategy to reach those who really want these 8″ tall bits of nostalgia. Hopefully, Topps can do that.
MEGO figures were on the way out of popularity when I was a kid, rapidly being replaced by the 3.75″ toy craze that Kenner’s Star Wars started. But, for the time, MEGO was great. The company produced toys from so many different franchises that kids had almost infinite opportunities for crossover events. Want to have Batman fight Dr. Zaius? MEGO has you covered. Spider-Man teaming up with Luke and Bo Duke to jump the ‘General Lee’ over a row of Captain Kirks? Not a problem!
Were you a MEGO kid growing up? Let us know in the comments which figures you had!
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