Alpha Manga App Joins Crunchyroll

The Tokyo-based webcomics company AlphaPolis is bringing its English-language Alpha Manga app content to the United States through a new partnership with Crunchyroll. They will be kicking off the partnership with seven titles though they plan on adding more over time.
“Crunchyroll and AlphaPolis, the needs of both parties have been met to make this happen,” they said in a press release. “Alpha Manga is a manga application released in July 2021 to bring popular manga from AlphaPolis to overseas users. With an eye toward further global expansion, seven popular titles from the app will be distributed in over 200 countries and regions through Crunchyroll.”
They add, “Crunchyroll aims to expand Japanese manga content, including the “otherworldly fantasy” genre, and the two companies plan to increase the number of titles distributed in stages in the future.”
One of the titles that they are bringing is the Takumi Yanai futuristic fantasy series ‘Gate: Where the JSDF Fought’ to the app.

“The first seven titles include the much-talked-about anime adaptations,” the press release continued. “The manga titles available on Crunchyroll include ‘Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy’ and ‘Gate: Where the JSDF Fought,’ as well as ‘May I Ask for One Final Thing?’ and ‘Re:Monster,’ two of the most popular titles on Alpha Manga. The first three episodes of each title will be available on Crunchyroll, and the rest will be available on Alpha Manga.”
‘Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy’ is an isekai fantasy manga written by Kei Azumi and Kotora Kino. It has an anime adaption made by Japanese animation studio C2C.

“Alpha Manga is an application that allows users to read English versions of original manga serialized on (the) “AlphaPolis” service,” they explained. “New manga stories are updated on a weekly or monthly basis. The first three episodes are free, and subsequent episodes can be rented by consuming in-app tickets (the service ends after a certain period of free publication),” they note.

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