‘Farming Life in Another World’ Isekai Manga Is Getting An Anime Adaption

‘Isekai Nonbiri Farmer’ also known as ‘Farming Life in Another World’ is an isekai fantasy series of light novels written by Kinosuke Naito with illustrations by Yasumo for the publishing company Enterbrain. It was picked up by Kadokawa and Fujimi Shobo for a manga version featuring artwork by Yasuyuki Tsurugi. Its popularity has led to an announcement that the series will be getting an anime adaption.
“Being a farmer in another world is a breeze for Hiraku when he gets incarnated into his own laidback fantasy world in Kinosuke Naito’s Farming Life in Another World light novel and manga series, which was announced today to be getting an anime adaptation,” Crunchyroll said on their website. “There’s no word yet on when the anime will be released, nor any information on cast and staff.”
While the details are scarce at this point, there is still excitement brewing about the project. Naito celebrated the upcoming show with a roughly translated public comment on the development.
“Hello, this is Kinosuke Naito,” he said according to Comic Natalie. “‘Isekai Nonbiri Farmer’ is an animated version! Did it!
Since it is an animation, the character will move and talk! I move and talk! It’s amazing!”
“It’s a dream. Yeah, it must be. I won’t believe it until the details come out,” he continued. “So, I’m waiting for the follow-up report (details)! Animation production company, please do your best! Please look forward to our readers! We look forward to your continued support as a ‘relaxing farmer in another world.'”

The Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Wiki described the synopsis as follows:
“The manga is centered around resurrected human Hiraku Machio, sent by a god to live on world of his choosing as a farmer. He has the uncanny ability to befriend most people he encounters and arguably charm most women he meets (to his dismay) as he wishes to live a peaceful life.
He carves out a farm in the middle of Forest of Death (ably named), where array of people and creatures make home on his farm and later village with him as the chief.
People are drawn to him due to his serenity of living peacefully despite living in a highly dangerous place. Initially people who came to him was due to they needed sanctuary from the hostility of the world and his food he raises which is uniquely grown by him alone due to his enchanted farming tool. Also, many early who were humanoid were females develop mad crushes on him.”
One Peace Books holds the rights to North American release.

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