New ‘Stranger Things 3’ Clip and Posters Hit the Interwebs

Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson. Er, make that Mrs. Wheeler.

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Stranger Things here, so we’ve been counting down the days until Stranger Things 3 drops on Netflix.

A new clip has dropped and it looks like a shirtless bad boy Billie (Dacre Montgomery) is making Mike’s and Nancy’s mom all hot and bothered. Eeew.

Nancy’s Mom has got it going on?

Anyway, Netflix has also released several new posters of the cast today.

They’re treating this almost like a movie premiere. And with good reason — Stranger Things has definitely become “event television.” Well, as much of an event as streaming television can offer.

It’s even got its own LEGO set coming soon.

If you missed the large, bold white letters on the posters, Stranger Things 3 drops on July 4, 2019.

[Source: Netflix]