Unauthorized Masters of the Universe and TMNT Mashup?! Yes, Please!

Sometimes you cannot wait for two companies to shake hands when it comes to franchise crossovers. When your patience runs out, there are artists out there who will step in and fill the void in the market. What void? The one for a Masters of the Universe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mashup, of course!
ToySnobs are here to give us the ultimate team up we’ve been waiting nearly thirty years for! It may not be official, but I’m gung-ho for it all the same. So get ready for Tordak and Turtletor! Yep, TMNT-ized versions of Hordak and Skeletor.
These are niche items, no doubt, but damn, do they look fantastic. Pre-orders for these two are up now. They’re currently priced at a $20 discount, bringing the total down to $59.99 per turtle.

Toy Snobs
Toy Snobs
Toy Snobs
Toy Snobs
Toy Snobs
The price may be a bit of a sticking point for some. These aren’t like Super7 Ultimates figures, and they’re priced higher. They sport limited articulation, similar to the original Turtles and He-Man figures. Each guy will stand at 5.5″ tall and come with the accessories shown. They’re constructed from vinyl and ABS.
There’s almost no information about the company on their official website, Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram. I’m all for smaller companies creating retro-inspired toys. I’ve backed quite a few crowdfunding projects specifically for that. However, I’d just like a little more info about this company and its manufacturing process before dropping nearly $80 on a figure.
Then again, the team behind this retro-inspired line of toys may want to keep things on the down-low in case Mattel, Nickelodeon, and Playmates decide to send their team of lawyers out because these figures are a bit too close to the playthings of old.
I can’t wait to see some finalized versions of these things show up. What do you think?
[Source: ToySnobs]

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