A Fully Loaded RoboCop Is Coming From Hot Toys

Hot Toys

It would appear that another RoboCop figure is on the way from Hot Toys. We spotted this new version of the cybernetic law enforcement officer over at Figures.com. The good thing about Murphy is that the base figure can act as any of the three cinematic versions. Wait … the third film was direct-to-video, right?

Regardless, the toy looks great, and he comes with all the new gadgets and weaponry we saw in his finally feature-length film. That includes the jetpack and rocket arm attachment. Other features include four interchangeable mouthpieces, the Auto9 pistol, data spike, base, and interchangeable hands. The special edition figure comes with a battle-damaged chest plate.

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The movie-accurate RoboCop figure made in diecast material features a helmeted head with interchangeable lower part of faces capturing different expressions; intricate sections of armor such as hidden thigh pistol holster; specially applied iridescent colored painting in purplish blue scheme; a number of greatly-detailed weapons and accessories including diecast pistol, pistol, multipurpose cannon with missile and blast effect, flight pack, interchangeable hands and figure base.

– One (1) helmeted head with four (4) interchangeable lower part of faces capturing different expressions
– Specialized body with over 25 points of articulations
– Approximately 30 cm tall
– Contains diecast material
– Special features on armor:
– Metallic purplish blue colored painting on the movie-accurate armor design
– One (1) hidden thigh holster
– Five (5) pieces of interchangeable hands including:
– One (1) pair of hands with articulated fingers
– One (1) pair of fists
– One (1) data spike right fist


– One (1) diecast pistol
– One (1) pistol
– One (1) multipurpose arm cannon with missile and blast effect (interchangeable with left forearm)


– One (1) magnetically attachable flight pack
– Specially designed figure stand with character nameplate

Exclusive Bonus Accessory for Special Edition:

– One (1) battle damaged chest armor

Is this the RoboCop figure you’ve been waiting for? Even if the quality of the second sequel was questionable, did the new addons to Murphy’s arsenal make up for it? Let us know below.

[Source: Figures.com]