1990’s Animated Series Spider-Man Gets A Spider-Sense Bust

Gentle Giant

As San Diego Comic-Con approaches, we’re seeing lots of event-exclusive collectibles being announced. Some are new, and some are variations of previously released items. Today’s Spider-Sense Spidey bust is one such product.
This bust from Gentle Giant is a re-paint of a mini bust the company produced not too long ago. The entire statue has been repainted to capture how the animated series’s Spider-Man looks when his spider-sense gets all tingly.
The bust measures 6″ tall and is priced at $60. It is made of resin and is limited to a run of only 1,000 pieces. Click here to pre-order yours. If you’re looking for a companion piece, Doc Oct is still available for pre-order, too, for $69.99.
These scenes would trigger a change in the color palette for not only Spidey but also the background. A specific sound effect also accompanied these scenes. Check out the video below for a compilation of these scenes.

Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant

Spider-Sense – tingling! Peter Parker gets an alert in this exclusive, limited-edition variant bust, depicting Spider-Man with his spider-sense going off, inverting the colors of his costume as seen in the classic animated series. Measuring approximately 6 inches tall, this 1/7 scale resin bust is limited to only 1000 pieces.

Although Spider-Man: The Animated Series wasn’t on par with Batman‘s earlier animated incarnation, it was nevertheless a significant improvement over the ’60s and ’80s versions. The TV show also introduced a new line of Spider-Man toys and gave us an incredible Carnage action figure.

The toy line continued for a few waves and spin-offs. Throughout the product’s life cycle, we got a lot of characters who had never appeared in action figure form before, like Kingpin, Shocker, and Vulture. This was an era right before Toy Biz focused on the more detailed Marvel Legends figures.
What do you think of the new Spidey bust? Let us know in the comments section below.
[Source: Gentle Giant]

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