ThunderCats Ultimates Wave 7 Finally gives us Snarf!


Lion-O? Borning. Panthro? Dull. Snarf? That’s where the action’s at, yo! Finally, seven waves into Super7’s ThunderCats Ultimates action figure line, and we get Snarf. Of course, he would have to come this late in the series because the other three figures in the wave aren’t exactly household names.

At least they gave Snarf his due rather than packing him in as another figure’s accessory. This Snarf comes with three interchangeable heads, three pairs of interchangeable hands, the Claw Shield, the Sword of Omens, candy fruit, and a tail base for more exciting poses. What types of poses? That’s up to you, weirdo!

Willa, Mongor, and Ratar-O will join Snarf. Each figure is priced at $55. These four are estimated to ship out by the Fall of 2023. Pre-orders for Wave 7 are open until November 11th, 2022.


Super7’s latest wave of 7” scale ThunderCats ULTIMATES! is nothing to snarf at! Including Mongor, Ratar-O, Willa, and – yes, finally! – Snarf, all with interchangeable heads & hands and multiple accessories, these made-to-order figures belong in any quality ThunderCats collection!

I quite literally have no idea who these other characters are. Maybe it’s because I haven’t watched the show in over three decades or because they were unmemorable? I gotta say, Mongor and Ratar-O look awesome and really capture the Rankin Bass cartoon design well. I believe Willa is the first human character to show up in this line, which may signal the ThunderCats Ultimates wrapping up. Hardcore collectors will, no doubt, pick up every single figure, but each subsequent wave will need a familiar name to bring in the normies. Who’s left that they can tap after Snarf? More variations of Lion-O? A repaint of Cheetara? Kid Lion-O and the ThunderCats as they appeared at the beginning of the pilot episode?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


[Source: Super7]

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