The Lost Boys’ David Joins The ReAction Figure Line From Super7

Could you be persuaded to give up your mortal form if the handsome David offered you such an opportunity? No? Well, what if he were an affordable action figure? Would you give in then?
David is available in two forms, “human” and vampire mode. Most of the toy is the same, except for a different head sculpt and fiery left hand if you choose the bloodsucker one. “Human” David comes with the infamous Chinese takeout container and bottle of totally not blood.



Sharing takeout and a drink with a friend can be an enjoyable way to kill an evening, unless that friend is actually a vampire like David who’s intent on turning the festivities into an evening of killing! This 3.75” articulated The Lost Boys ReAction figure of David shows him in his human form and comes with a Chinese take-out box and bottle accessory from the scene where he begins trying to convert Michael into a vampire. Don’t wait for him to try to trick you into joining his crew of vampires!


“You’ll never grow old…and you’ll never die, but you must feed!” David knows there’s a lot of upside to being a vampire, but it comes at a terrible cost! Packaged on a special upside-down cardback, this 3.75” articulated The Lost Boys ReAction figure of David shows him in his vampire form, complete with snarling expression, exposed fangs, and red eyes, as well as burning hand detail from when he tried to capture Sam and the Frog brothers leaving his lair.

The vampire version of this ReAction figure looks a lot closer to Kiefer Sutherland than the normal one. David’s “human” form looks more like Dog the Bounty Hunter.
Now, where is the Sax Man?!
What do you think of adding The Lost Boys to the ReAction line of retro-inspired toys? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.
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