New 1/6th Scale Ecto-1 From ‘Ghostbusters Afterlife’ Is On The Way!

Do you need a 1/6th scale Ecto-1 for your 12″ tall Ghostbusters figures? You’re in luck because Blitzway currently has the Ghostbusters Afterlife version of the iconic Cadillac up for pre-order at the Big Bad Toy Store.
Afterlife‘s Ecto-1 is $1,899.99. The vehicle comes in at 40″ long and has a number of features that offset that hefty price tag. The Ectomobile has 37 LEDs, including exterior and interior lighting. The lightbars at the front and back of the Caddy’s roof are motorized. Ecto-1 also comes with sound effects, both the typical siren and customized audio via a micro-SD card.
There are some noticeable differences between this version of the toy and the one we saw a few years ago.
In 2019, Blitzway released the 1984 version of the Ghostbusters’ vehicle. The original asking price was $1,390. This Ecto-1 came with four proton packs and a gurney. The lights and sounds appear to be very similar to what’s on offer with this new toy.
Although no proton packs are packed with this version, the gunner seat does deploy, as does the RTV (ghost trap).


The body, which powerfully runs forward, is rich in various secret devices. The gunner seat pops out when the side door opens is exactly reproduced as seen in the movie. Used to catch ghosts, the R.T.V. takes off from the bottom of the vehicle body.
Ecto-1 is over 40 inches long and of unbelievable quality. In memory of the late Harold Allen Ramis, the development team of Blitzway presents you with a special memory along with the movie moving you.

  • 37 LED Light-up functions on the exterior & interior
  • Rotating light bars with 2 motors
  • Siren sound effects
  • Features audio play with USB & micro-SD plug-in
  • 5 Fully opening of doors and bonnet
  • Interlocking of front wheels and steering wheel
  • Turnable 4 Wheels

In the comments section, let us know what you think about this pricey Ecto-1.
[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]

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1 comment

  • from the pictures this thing looks gorgeous & i’m sure it’ll make any fan happy but, at two grand, it’s a hard pass.
    “ridiculous” doesn’t even begin to describe that price point.
    that’s a down payment on a real car, for f***’s sake. 🤦‍♂️

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